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April 16, 2015 Raye – Bet U Wish (Lucian Remix) Posted In: Chill Out, Music

raye 2
My Future Bass binge has been well documented over the past few weeks and the industry is catching onto the spacey synths that make each track sound like an ethereal experience. This remix to Raye’s Bet U Wish by Lucian is one of those feel great Future tracks that really shows off how much traction the genre is gaining steadily.

Raye’s vocals are flawless on this. They’re light and flowing, which ironically enough sits perfectly amongst the airy synths. Even the main body of the song holds on to the vocal, though it’s almost unrecognizably pitched and chopped, the vocals are just that good. Outside of that the production on the track is extremely tight and the the main synth line packs quite the punch.

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