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December 12, 2016 Monday Mix-Up Vol. 88 Posted In: Playlists

It’s Monday Mix-Up Time! This time we’ve got volume 88 for you. This number is special enough to me because I used to have another music site called 88 magazine many moons ago, who would have thought that I would make it to 88 playlists? Anyway as we move along on the race to 100 I’ve got new tracks for you courtesy of EMRSV, Dante Klein, Manila Killa and Kayman. Let’s get started.

We’re really getting up there in playlist count. 100 is within reach and will be here soon enough. I’ll be sure to whip something up for then! For now though, we’re back to your regularly scheduled program, this time with more bass! The track of the week goes out to Pat Lok on his dancey remix to HONNE’s track ‘FHKD’. Pat has a really distinct style and never fails to deliver the synth driven dance tracks. check him out.

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