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November 29, 2016 Monday Mix-Up Vol. 86 Posted In: Playlists


Why Hello there and welcome to the 86th volume of the Monday Mix-Up. Now you may be wondering (or you may not) why is this 2 weeks late? Well i was on vacation and though I’m sure I could have found a way to post while out there, well, I was on vacation. However, not to leave you hanging I’m coming with a particularly stacked playlist this week of 20 songs. This week we’ve got remixes from Lenny, Singularis, Ben Rainey and Koni.

While I was out lounging in the sun I had a lot of time to check new tracks. It seems the producers were busy while I was gone as there’s a whole onslaught of good stuff that has come out. So as to not cheat you out of all that, I decided to come with an extra long playlist. Nobody can say I don’t think about the fans! This week if you make it all the way to the bottom you’ll catch the Track of the Week by Pluto on a remix to Molly Moore’s ‘Imaginary Friends’. It’s got the mallet sounds I like, Molly Moore’s vocal which I’ve also been a fan of for some time and a pounding low end, check it.

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