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October 31, 2016 Monday Mix-Up Vol. 84 Posted In: Playlists


Hey everyone and welcome to the 84th volume of the Monday Mix-Up. It’s Halloween and while I’m sure most people did their Halloween festivities on the weekend we’re still coming at you with some fun music to throw on your haunted playlists. This week we have remixes from Toby Green, LUUDE, Naxxos and Rich James.

Disclaimer: this playlist is not a Halloween themed playlist, it just happens to fall on the same day. Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it for what it is and I’m sure there are some tracks you can still throw on while you finish adjusting your vampire fangs. This week the track of the week goes to EMRSV and his remix to Feenixpawl and APEK’s track ‘Quicksand’. The track is every bi what you’d expect from a group called EMRSV. It draws you in and keeps you there with compelling automated synths and tender piano lines.

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