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October 24, 2016 Monday Mix-Up Vol. 83 Posted In: Playlists


Hello everyone, it’s time for your daily dose of remixes courtesy of me and the Monday Mix-Up. Since it’s almost Halloween I’ve compiled an all Halloween themed…nahh I’ll stop there, this playlist actually has nothing to do with Halloween, but it’s a cool idea that I might explore a little more (maybe next week). This week we have remixes from Enschway, Palette, Don Diablo and Peer Kusiv.

Sorry for that little 180 hesitation on the Halloween tip, but spooky playlist or not, a lot of these songs can go on a Halloween playlist  no problem and still get the party rocking. This week the track of the week goes to the heavy favorite anytime he releases a remix Dugong Jr. and his remix to Chance the Rapper’s track ‘Somewhere in Paradise’. It’s essentially become a formality at the point with Dugong making massive remixes out of anything he touches. Just listen and you’ll see why.


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