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October 17, 2016 Monday Mix-Up Vol. 82 Posted In: Playlists


Hey everybody and welcome to the 82nd volume of your favorite weekly music roundup, the Monday mix-Up. This week I’m bringing you remixes from artists like Fracx, The Knocks, James Envoud and Kill Them With Colour.

As a producer myself I listen to a lot of music on a weekly basis, some I like, many more that I don’t, but you can find a lesson in each one. While the Monday Mix-Up is an aggregate of music that I do really enjoy , but this week, digging through articles and listening to countless new tracks has me really appreciating music on a different level. Was that relevant to the playlist? No not really, but it goes to show you can learn thiings in unexpected places.

This week the track of the week belongs to Koyö and his remix to Nakala’s ‘Paris’. I’ve been on a real bender for smooth tracks recently (maybe I’m just getting old) and this certainly fits into the contrarian category of smooth banger, definitely digging this.

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