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October 3, 2016 Monday Mix-Up Vol. 80 Posted In: Uncategorized


Back to the nice round numbers with your 80th volume of the Monday Mix-Up. yeah so we’re getting up there in the Monday Mix-Ups. we’ll be in triple digits before you know it. This week we have music from Loki x Wildfire, Falcons, William Black and Tobtok.

It’s officially leather jacket weather. Now that may be good or bad for some depending on where you fall on the swag meter, but one things for certain it’s getting cold. With that being said, that’s not particularly bad for the playlist game seeing as there will be more people indoors listening to music (hypothetically of course, but as Desus Nice says facts don’t matter).

This week the track of the week belongs to GXNXVS and Paul Maxwell on their remix to the darkwave dutchess herself Abra’s trackĀ ‘Fruit’. The whole darkwave thing is pretty self explanatory one you hear the track. The drop is still very heavy, it’s a banger if I’ve heard one before.

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